A world powered with NTENT

We leverage our semantic technology platform to deliver relevant content based on users' known interests, across multiple channels. NTENT provides content discovery and amplification services for publishers and context-sensitive advertising services for brands.

Search with NTENT

Get access to personalized, intent-driven results, all in real-time. You'll keep users engaged when you integrate our semantic search API directly into your digital and mobile platforms. Increase your ad revenue (cha-ching!) by "owning" the query!

Chat with NTENT

Get access to a multiple-platform messaging solution equipped with monetization opportunities that excite users by serving up relevant recommendations, content and sponsored messages in conversation streams – in real-time!

Watch with NTENT

We want awesome videos to be discovered AND to help content providers make money in the process. UVidi, our comScore ranked video destination, is the ideal place to syndicate your content or sponsor premium videos. Use our Video Recommendation Engine to drive content discovery, boost engagement and increase video revenue.

Develop with NTENT

Partner with us to grow your business. Get access to superior semantic technology that enriches digital experiences. Create an enticing environment for your end-users in mobile, search, chat and marketing.

Market and Monetize with NTENT

Connect with your audience in a more relevant way. Marketers – promote paid, earned and owned media with unparalleled relevance via exclusive and unique ad placements throughout the NTENT Network. Publishers – maximize the value of your content by delivering real-time, relevant ads and video recommendations to your users.