Advertiser FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do you verify your traffic and get your publishers?


NTENT’s Security Integrity Process (SIP) is an objective process to help advertisers, agencies and publishers to verify whether the sites found in their vertical content network are of high quality and brand appropriate. SIP utilizes both human and machine intelligence to deliver premium ad impressions, and is the latest example of NTENT’s longstanding commitment to provide extensive reach, premium brand-safe distribution, and effective ad targeting. SIP also dramatically reduces the risk of ad fraud and malware.

SIP verification is performed for each site that is added to NTENT’s publisher network to allow brands to advertise with more confidence and provide publishers with benchmarks to ensure the quality of inventory. Additionally, SIP utilizes data and human verification technologies to form a hybrid approach that provides a more comprehensive and fair evaluation of site content than what is possible when the decisions are solely left to computers to select.

NTENT leverages industry leading traffic quality solutions such as Click Forensics® by Adometry, one of the most advanced click fraud detection engines, to supercharge the SIP verification process. As part of this collaboration, SIP utilizes Adometry’s real-time click scoring data and various block lists to enhance its proprietary semantic quality control technology, which protects publishers and advertisers from a wide spectrum of artificially generated fraudulent traffic. With both NTENT and Adometry’s technologies working in tandem, SIP works by creating a risk profile, which is made possible by a proprietary series of semantic algorithmic models, metric assessments and human verification.

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Where do my ads appear?


Inside the Advertising box, on sites relevant to your business and products.

What kind of response rates will I receive?


Response rates vary depending on the particular vertical and type of product sold. In general, performance is better, or on par, with other online campaigns.

Is this the same as Google AdWords?


No- NTENT uses its semantic matching to select relevant ads instead of having you spend time and money selecting the correct keywords and adjusting bids. With Google Adwords, as long as you outbid your competition you can get your ad shown. NTENT ads serve a different role than Google Adwords in an advertiser’s sales funnel. NTENT ads are near the top at the discovery and research phases, as well as the consideration phase for some products and services. In this respect, advertisers should value NTENT for new visitor acquisition. Google AdWords sits towards the bottom of the sales funnel at the consideration and purchase phase. When a consumer is ready to purchase and already knows what they want and need, Adwords will assist at the end. Both NTENT Ads and Google Adwords should be considered as part of any robust integrated marketing strategy to make potential consumers aware of an advertiser, engaged in their products or services, and ultimately grow your business.

What is my customer login?


Each customer receives a unique online user name and password to access the back-end of the Advertising with NTENT platform. From that portal you can create campaigns, advertisements, set your budgets, review results and optimize your campaign.

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What is the minimum spend?


The minimum is $1000 per month.

What tools does NTENT have for traffic reporting?


Through your daily online metric reporting system and, optionally, through other popular analytics.

Can I use third party tracking software?


Yes – but most clients use Google Analytics.

Can you geo-target a specific zip code?


Yes – Geo targeting is available. Contact an account manager for details

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