Advertisers Best Practices

The right ads + the right look + the right place + the right time. Our Semantic content matching technology matches publisher content with advertisements primarily by scanning the ad and the landing page to determine if your ad is a good match for the content (no need to pick keywords). By providing more ads and different landing pages you are feeding our Semantic technology with additional “ad content” that ultimately enhances the opportunity to match your ads to publisher content increasing visits to your product pages.

Tips to Help You Maximize Your Impact

General Tips for a Successful Campaign

  • Maximizing your paid search advertising appeal. We recommend that you have a minimum of 10 ads; smart advertisers have 50 or more!
  • Be willing to experiment! We encourage our customers to experiment with different ad titles, ad copy, calls to action, improvement in destination URL’s and resulting landing pages.

Tips on Creating a Distinct Destination:

  • Don’t be a destination dummy. We recommend driving traffic to a specific product page or product category pages. It is important that your click through destination matches the product or services your pushing in advertise your website.
  • Select content rich product pages with lots of text to increase ad matching and conversion rates.
  • Avoid – generic pages, product lists or search result pages.

Tips for Selecting Destination URLs:

  • You may provide as many individual adverts as you wish with unique destination URLs.
  • Avoid generic company landing pages such as “Contact Us” or “About Us”.
  • Drive customers directly to your products and services by specifying your unique product and / or service pages.
  • Target your rich text pages opposed to heavy media pages (i.e. pages that are made up primarily of images or Adobe Flash).

Tips for Selecting NTENT Images:

  • A picture is worth a million clicks. Make sure the image you are pushing is associated and makes sense with the product and/or service you are pushing.
  • Select an image that is clearly related to the destinations URL, that will redirect readers when they click.
  • The image size is 400×400 pixels, the system will resize your image to match the destination. Select an image that is clear and sharp so the user can quickly recognize your product, service or brand.
  • We recommend the use of .jpg or .png file formats for your image files.
  • Company logos are acceptable as well, to promote your brand.

Tips for Writing an Effective Ad Title for Your NTENT Ads

  • Use keywords that describe your offering so the reader is immediately aware of what you are providing (e.g. “Cordless drill” or “Stainless steel cookware”).
  • Provide a concrete offer (e.g. “Free shipping” or “20% off” or “Only $19.99” or a combination of all three).
  • Use these keywords in the first few words of your title.
  • Associate your keywords with strong describing adjectives (e.g. “Premium”).
  • Double check your title for spelling and grammatical errors.

Tips for Writing an Effective Description for Your NTENT Ads

  • Sometimes less is more. The text should be concise and straight to the point.
  • Provide concrete benefits and clear promotions (e.g. “Never rusts” or “Save up to 20% on car insurance”).
  • Provide a command directing the user what to do (i.e. “Buy Now” or “Browse our catalog” or “Get a free quote”).
  • Double check your description for spelling and grammatical errors.