Case Studies

We know that the proof is in the pudding. In business, if you can’t back it up then it might not actually work. So here is the proof to show you that what we do actually works! Check out what some of our clients are saying about us!


NTENT™ drove 95% unique visitors to the site and was the #1 paid traffic source during the initial campaign flight by using our semantic technology to introduce Dr. Praeger’s to new consumer markets via topic targeting. The campaign uncovered new segments beyond the expected vegetarian consumer by targeting content related to healthy eating options for adults and children.

"The campaign allowed us to drive traffic to our site while cost-efficiently enabling us to test various messages and images. I liked how easy it was to use the online data portal to drill down to what connected best with the consumer. We are considering another campaign to further test and hone our consumer communication."

–Alli Meyer, Director of Marketing,

Case Study

Ad Agency

Find out how NTENT and Bunzai Media Group worked together to reduce cost per acquisition by 61%.

“Within two weeks of running our campaign BunZai’s cost per acquisition rate dropped by 61%! The results really speak for themselves, NTENT gave us perspective on what was working, what wasn't, and helped us to refine our pay-per-click advertising much more quickly than any other system.”

-Alon Nottia, Founder and Co-President

Case Study

Outdoor Living Increases Traffic to the Online Store

NTENT’s drives quality traffic at a lower rate than other online advertising companies.

“ I have tried different online marketing campaigns with other companies and have always been disappointed with the results. I decided to try a campaign and was pleasantly surprised. Daily we are receiving quality visitors to our site at a lower rate than any alternative we have found so far. I will continue to spend the majority of our hard earned online marketing dollars with NTENT!”

-Gregory Bailey, Owner

Case Study

NTENT More Cost Efficient and Effective than Google AdWords

Wine Barrels for You is able to reduce CPC to $0.83 and drive sales growth with NTENT vs. $12 CPC with Google Adwords.

“We are so pleased with the results of our campaign with NTENT. Your helpfulness and direction has allowed us to increase both traffic and sales!”

-Diana Shaban, Co-Owner and CEO

Case Study

Home and Garden Company Generates Greater Interest

Interest in Horizon Structures peaks when NTENT helps extend the marketing reach of the client to target home and garden enthusiast.

“Your network of entertainment, family, home and other web sites rank among our top tier sales providers which include Google, Yahoo and a few other high profile outlets. What really “wow-ed” us here at Horizon Structures was that, within a very short time, the NTENT sites were in the Top 10 of all the sites referring traffic to our website!”

-Jill Siragusa, Sales & Marketing Manager

Case Study

Remodeling Business

Lead generation increases when NTENT and Kitchen Magic work together to create a seasonal promotion that drove over 1,500 contest submissions.

Case Study