Powering real-time, relevant content.

There are more ways than ever before for people to experience, communicate and interact with the continually expanding universe of digital content. Stay on top of the game by making it quick and painless for people to navigate to relevant content, products and services — with NTENT.

Our Mission

Deliver relevant content, in real-time, across all channels, based on users' known interests, using our proprietary semantic search technology.

What Do We Do

NTENT surfaces information aligned with search activity and consumer intent with unparalleled relevancy that saves time and increases value by enabling rapid discovery of relevant content, products and services, on any device.

How Do We Do It

Our proprietary semantic and natural language search technology analyzes all forms of content and understands user intent – much like the human mind. In doing so, we are able to deliver relevant content, wherever people are.

What’s In It for You

From content providers, to small businesses, to brands and developers – NTENT enhances cross-channel digital experiences and amplifies monetization opportunities by aligning content with consumer’s passions and interests.


We are changing the way people search, discover and find answers on the web. We are a group of people who are passionate and ambitious, who come to work every day with the goal of building something valuable. Our team of “NTENTIONALISTS” love to solve problems. They get excited about new technologies and share a common goal of delivering meaningful solutions. Engineering and Product Development are at the core of what we do, but we value all skills at NTENT knowing innovation lies at the crossroads of multiple disciplines.



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