Pat is the co-founder of NTENT and continues to serve as the Executive Chairman of the Board. With over 30 years experience in search and media technology, he has founded and served as CEO of two NASDAQ-listed search technology companies, Excalibur Technologies and Convera Corporation.

Pat received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Suffolk University.



As the CEO, Dan oversees the overall corporate direction and operations of NTENT. Over the past 20 years, Dan has held a variety of executive positions in the tech industry, ranging from head of Google’s multi-billion dollar syndication products, to EVP at AltaVista where he was responsible for worldwide search. Most recently, he served as CEO of Metaforic, an international software security company acquired in 2014, and before that, as CEO of Webtrends, a web-scale analytics company. At Macrovision, he ran the Software Licensing Business, growing it 4X in 3 years to exceed $100M in annual revenue. Earlier in his career, Dan founded several successful software businesses, and got his start at AT&T Bell Laboratories working with telecommunications companies around the world.

Dan has both an undergraduate and a graduate degree from Harvard University.


As CTO, Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates oversees the technical vision of the company. Prior to NTENT, Ricardo spent 10 years at Yahoo! ultimately rising to Vice President and Chief Research Scientist. He has also served as a professor at Universidad de Chile since 1985, where he founded and acted as the Director of the Center for Web Research and twice served as Computer Science Department Chair; as well as professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona since 2005 where he founded and acted as director of the Web Research Group. Ricardo is an ACM and IEEE Fellow with over 500 publications, tens of thousands of citations, multiple awards and several patents. He has co-authored several books including “Modern Information Retrieval”, the most widely used textbook on search.

He earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Chile and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.



As EVP of Strategic Project Management at NTENT, Paula heads project implementation within the company and provides support for business development and capital raising efforts. Paula has over 25 years investment banking experience with several Wall Street firms, covering large global clients and emerging markets within Latin America. She formed her own consultancy firm in 2012 advising regional clients on corporate strategy and financing. Before her firm, Paula served as Managing Director for financial institutions like JP Morgan, and served on the Senior Executive Committee at Deutsche Bank and ABN AMRO. Her expertise includes telecom, technology, media, financial institutions, sponsors and private equity industries.

Paula received her Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University and her MBA from NYU.  She is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Colin has over 25 years of experience in publishing, digital media, advertising and technology. Prior to his current position, Colin was CEO of Parliamentary Communications, the largest political communications group in Europe. Through his continued work with political media organizations and digital ad agencies, he developed and deployed an in-house paid search ad model that enabled commercial content to complement online editorial content. His second company, Firstlight Era, successfully built and deployed a plug-and-play ad model for the publisher community to increase digital ad revenue from search-based advertising. Colin led the reverse merger with the NASDAQ-traded company, Convera Corporation, to create NTENT.


Matt has been the Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary for NTENT since it was born from the merger between Firstlight Era and his previous company, Convera in 2010. He served as Convera Corporation’s Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Treasurer from July 2006 to February 2010, as well as Vice President of Finance from April 2006 until July 2006. Before Convera, Matt worked as CFO, Treasurer and Secretary of Space Adventures, and held a number of financial management positions with several software and technology companies from 1992 through 2001.

Matt is a certified public accountant and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Accounting from California State University, Northridge.


As Head of Product Management, Jim oversees all product management functions in the company. He is responsible for understanding customer pain points and driving product roadmaps that help NTENT achieve key business and customer objectives. Jim has worked at companies such as Oracle, Siebel, Corillian Corp., and Mitchell International where he was VP Product Management and Marketing, and led a team of marketers and product managers responsible for 30 product lines and a $150M P&L. Additionally, he co-founded H2Bid, Inc., a big data startup in 2015.

Jim received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Notre Dame, his MS in Civil & Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley and his MBA from Harvard.



As the VP Marketing & Account Development, Kerstin oversees marketing and communications at NTENT. In this role, she leads the team that defines the company’s brand strategy, generating awareness through ongoing marketing initiatives. Kerstin has more than a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions and technology organizations responsible for market strategy, integrated marketing, corporate communications and business development. Prior to NTENT, Kerstin was the Senior Director of Integrated Marketing at Viacom responsible for cultivating strategic partnerships totaling over $20 million in revenues. She has extensive experience successfully reaching consumers through innovative marketing campaigns, benefiting global brands such as American Express, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile and Sabadell Bank.

Kerstin received her Masters of Science in International Relations and Business from New York University. She is fluent in English and Spanish.


With over 25 years experience in computer software and search technology, Jim serves as SVP of Engineering and Operations for NTENT, responsible for all technology projects, implementation and strategy. Jim previously held senior positions in engineering, product management and business development for Excalibur, an early leader in using neural networks for machine vision, and helped devise solutions for companies like Weyerhauser and Sandia Laboratories. Jim led the technical due diligence on Excalibur’s acquisition of RetrievalWare for real-time profiling, natural language query, semantic network tools, knowledge bases, and a complete set of search & discovery tools. Excalibur merged with Intel’s interactive Media Services division to form Convera Corporation, who would later merge with Firstlight Era to form NTENT.

Jim received his Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Purdue University.


As the CSO, Jeff contributes to the operational and strategic direction of NTENT. Over the past 15 years, Jeff has provided financial, strategic and operational advice to numerous companies in the technology sector. Prior to joining NTENT, Jeff worked in investment banking in the technology sector at SoundView Technology Group and at Gruppo, Levey & Co., specializing in mergers & acquisitions and capital raising for companies in the digital media, marketing services and communications industries.

Jeff received his undergraduate degree from Yale University and an MBA from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, with a dual major in Strategic Management and Marketing.



As the SVP of Ad Sales, Robin oversees overall sales strategy and revenue generation opportunities for NTENT. Robin strives to transcend traditional business models by implementing innovative digital media and technology solutions. Prior to his time with NTENT, Robin founded Media Connection, an online video network operating across Europe that was acquired by Adconion in 2012. Robin has consistently managed P&L growth and revenue in cities spanning the world. As VP of Trading and Investment at Amobee, he managed trading for revenues in excess of $250 million through major agency groups and clients.

As an expert in global technology tactics, Robin capitalizes on digital trends at the rapid pace in which they evolve. He speaks English, German and Swedish.