Dan Stickel

CEO & Board Director

As the CEO, Dan oversees the overall corporate direction and operations of NTENT. Over the past 20 years, Dan has held a variety of executive positions in the tech industry, ranging from head of Google’s multi-billion dollar syndication products, to EVP at AltaVista where he was responsible for worldwide search. Most recently, he served as CEO of Metaforic, an international software security company acquired in 2014, and before that, as CEO of Webtrends, a web-scale analytics company. At Macrovision, he ran the Software Licensing Business, growing it 4X in 3 years to exceed $100M in annual revenue. Earlier in his career, Dan founded several successful software businesses, and got his start at AT&T Bell Laboratories working with telecommunications companies around the world.

Dan has both an undergraduate and a graduate degree from Harvard University.