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You're looking for new customers, your customers, they are likely reading content on our partner network that reaches 1M+ unique consumers a month.  Why not connect the dots by advertising with NTENT™. Use promo code "NTENT Holiday" to receive a $100* credit when you launch your campaign.




When you opt to market with NTENT you get:

- Unparalleled relevance trumps keywords - Our platform is powered by patented semantic technology. It’s equipped with page level intelligence that goes beyond keywords, understanding context, and providing unparalleled targeting relevance.

- Exclusive and unique ad placements - Get access to exclusive placements that you can’t get anywhere else. We know that your campaign goals are unique, so we design distribution models to meet your specific needs. (Now that’s service!)

- Multiple ways to engage your audience -  Every campaign has unique goals, so we offer you multiple ways to boost your brand:

- Actionable insights - Our dedicated account management team will take the time to provide you with important details regarding your campaign performance.


*NTENT Holiday Promotion Details:  For any new campaign running greater than thirty (30) days and spending more than $1000, will receive a $100 advertising credit that will be applied to the billing period after your account has been live for a total of 30 days. Please allow up to 60 days for credits to post to your account.  Campaign must launch by 12/31/2014.





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