Extraordinary relevance, speed and precision.

Launch more effective and efficient cross channel marketing campaigns with greater relevance when you market with NTENT. Whether your goal is to generate awareness, drive traffic or boost engagement - we’ve got you covered!

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Relevance targeting trumps keywords.

We offer a level of targeting granularity that you can’t get anywhere else. Powered by semantic technology and equipped with page level intelligence, we go beyond keywords, understanding context, and providing unparalleled targeting relevance. Your ads and content will only appear alongside relevant editorial content. Pretty powerful, right?

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Exclusive and unique ad placements.

Get access to exclusive placements that you can’t get anywhere else. We know that your campaign goals are unique, so we develop and tailor distribution solutions according to your needs. And, no matter the creative format, your ads and sponsored messages will be featured adjacent to editorial content in native-like environments.

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Multiple ways to engage your audience.

Our content marketing platform is equipped with multiple ways to boost your brand!

  • Need to drive traffic? Distribute your branded content throughout our network and drive users back to interact with your content, on your site.
  • Need to promote branded videos? Feature videos as recommended content in viewable positions inside our publisher video galleries.
  • Looking to sponsor premium video content? Our comScore ranked short-form video destination, UVidi, is the perfect place to do it. Branding opportunities are completely customizable, ranging from pre-roll video ads to full channel sponsorships!

We’ll work with you to create hand-tailored campaigns that are viewable, verifiable and delivered to your desired audience in brand safe environments. Now that’s engaging!

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Valuable insights.

Our dedicated account management team will provide you with important details regarding your campaign performance. Need access to deeper insights? We’ll drill down to page level performance so that you can better understand what type of content is resonating with your audience. Our goal, to help you create effective marketing campaigns.

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Hands-on support

We use our expertise (and general awesomeness) to create campaigns and build ads that are specially designed to spark consumers’ interests and deliver results.

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