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We spoil your consumers by pairing great content to their interests on every screen. Then, we indulge you by sharing access to our proprietary semantic solutions to create better user experiences and drive monetization.

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Monetize messaging.

Transform the way people connect with content and brands by infusing NTENT’s engine directly into your messaging application. Our engine acts like a human—one that intimately understands your users, delivering highly contextual, intent-based results and sponsored messages directly into chat streams. Oh, and did we mention it’s designed with monetization in mind?

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Enhance your app with search.

Whether your app is developed for iOS or Android—we’ve got you covered! Our search SDK makes it super easy to embed search directly into your app, delivering highly relevant search results and sponsored messages. It’s your chance to “own the query” and earn more revenue. Who doesn’t want more money?

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Search anywhere and everywhere.

Search with NTENT is the fastest, most relevant way to navigate the web—online and on mobile. Integrate our patented semantic search API directly on your browser or on mobile platforms. Every time users type or speak their query means a revenue opportunity for you! Now, that’s search done the “smart” way.

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Multiple ad formats.

“The right message in the most relevant position” is everything when it comes to end user engagement. We deliver relevant ads in multiple formats online and on mobile. Choose what works for you and watch your revenue soar!

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Hands-on support.

We know that your time is valuable, so we created an easy way for you to access our SDK’s that can be integrated within minutes. Got a question? No worries. Our dedicated team provides 24/7 end-to-end support whenever you need us.

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