Publisher FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do you verify your traffic and vet your publishers?

NTENT's Security Integrity Process .

How does semantic ad search matching work?

Semantic Ad Search matching analyzes the content of every page and extracts concepts. Those concepts are matched with the concepts in the query.

What added benefits do I get as a publisher when I choose to go with NTENT

Better user experience. No technical integration. No channel conflict.

What revenue could I expect from NTENT?

You keep 100% of your Banner and right rail display inventory and 50% of the ads displayed by NTENT ad units. Monthly revenue will increase as visitors become used to your vertical search quality.

Can you serve your semantic search links into our existing ad units?

Yes. You can use your existing ad units or the NTENT ad unit. You can also use your existing ad units in combination with the NTENT ad unit.

What are the options for the NTENT ad unit and location on the page?

The ad unit can be located anywhere on your page and styled the way you want it. Of course, ad unit placement can influence significantly the click through rate.

Which locations provide me with the best return on investment?

Ad unit placement is an important part of maximizing your CTR. Generally, placements visible near the top of the page above the fold perform several times better than placements at the bottom.

What is the effective CPM?

CPMs vary by site and Ad placement.

How does this affect my Google check?

Not at all; NTENT is 100% incremental revenue.

Do you provide higher ROI and higher revenue than Google?

Where you place the ad unit has a dramatic impact on ROI and revenue.

What is the revenue share?

Revenue generated from the NTENT ad unit is shared 50/50 with the publisher.

How quickly do I get paid?

30 days after the month in which you received your clicks.

What is vertical search?

Unlike web search engines, vertical search targets your user’s queries to the most relevant set of websites.

What is semantic search?

Semantic search seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms; generating more relevant results.

Why would I want a vertical search?

As your users decide they want to expand their search and discovery process, your vertical search offering will give them superior results and provide you with additional page views and monetization opportunities. Providing first class search in your vertical will increase visitor loyalty.

I already have site search. Why do I need NTENT Search?

It only searches your site. It doesn't search the web. That means users will leave and go to sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find what they want thus abandoning your site.

Why is NTENT Search a better search experience?

NTENT Search is semantic search. That means it provides better vertical-specific results.

For example, try searching for “fruit and nut” on Google v.s. NTENT

NTENT is centered around food products while Google returns results for a Bollywood movie at the top.

Web Search hasn’t been a priority. Why should it be?

Increasing traffic and revenue are priorities. NTENT Search can help you with both!

What kind of additional traffic will I generate from a vertical search engine?

You will recapture traffic that is currently leaving your property to see what other sites are saying about a particular topic. This can result in an increase of 5% to 10% in incremental traffic.

But I already use a solution like Google Custom. Why would I need NTENT Search?

You are paying for those options and they are not very effective. NTENT Search is a NO COST, RISK-FREE, REVENUE GENERATING solution. You can decrease site abandonment by using NTENT Search™ because users stay on your site longer.

How does this compete with Google custom search?

Just like site search, Google custom search is complementary to your vertical search service.

How can I make my users aware of this new web search experience on my site?

Promotion is key! You will want to promote this new experience like any other premium content experience on your site. NTENT will work with you to create messaging. You should consider promoting it in: newsletters, tweets, house ads and more.