Publishers Best Practices

NTENT Ad Unit Layout

NTENT’s ad units can be fully customized and stylized to fit the look and feel of your web site: color, size, font style, and more! You can feature up to six ads per unit. You can customize the appearance of the ad unit yourself or, if you prefer, NTENT can do it for you (if you would like NTENT to customize your ad unit, please contact us to explore available options).nnNTENT’s ad unit is available in IAB sizes (300x250,160x600,728x90) and on mobile!n

NTENT’s Ad Unit Page Placement

NTENT’s ad unit can be placed anywhere on your content page. For optimal response and the greatest possible revenue, NTENT recommends placement in the top right rail.

Twice as nice with NTENT and NTENT Semantic Search!

NTENT offers publishers a targeted vertical search experience through the NTENT widget which is built into the NTENT ad unit. Our search tool increases engagement, page views, and ad impressions ultimately providing incremental revenue to you, the publisher.nWhen a visitor executes a search on your site, a separate window is launched creating a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Your existing ad inventory may be placed in the banner and right rail, generating additional ad impressions where the publisher keeps 100% revenue. To see how to integrate your display ads with the NTENT Semantic Search visit: https://secure.ntent.com/Publishen