Monetize your content.

You need technology to understand and deliver what your users want in order to monetize your content. NTENT enhances digital, video and mobile experiences by delivering real-time, relevant results to increase your revenue.

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Maximize the value of your content.

Our semantic technology delivers ad experiences that speak to your users by matching relevant brand messages to the content on your site. We work with hundreds of top publishers to maximize the value of their content and boost ad revenue. In short, we make it easy to earn more!

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Amplify your content.

Promoting your content, sourcing new traffic and surpassing next quarter’s revenue goals have never been easier with NTENT. With the Audience Amplification Platform, from strategy to content promotion, our team will work with you to create hand-tailored campaigns that reach, qualify and (over) deliver to your desired audience.

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Drive video discovery.

Step into the world of “personalization” with our Video Recommendation Engine. We create a personalized video feed of the best videos from your site, based on your users’ interests. Get your videos discovered faster, boost engagement and increase video revenue (cha-ching!).

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Syndicate your video.

Premier publishers need to syndicate their video content in order to compete in today’s changing marketplace. Our premium video hub, UVidi, is a leading syndication platform. Not only do we rank in comScore's Top 40 video sites, we also deliver an audience at scale to our partners' video content through our NTENT-driven marketing platform and distribution network. We deliver a highly engaged, targeted audience that consumes multiple videos.

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Hands-on support.

Integrate and activate our monetization solutions within minutes and review the results via our reporting dashboard. Got questions? No worries. Our team is available 24/7 to help you from design to development.

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