Security Integrity Process

The Problem:

Traffic quality and click fraud are ongoing concerns for both publishers and advertisers

The Solution:

NTENT’s Security Integrity Process (SIP) is an objective measurement of site quality and brand appropriateness used to help evaluate ad impression quality for advertisers, agencies and publishers. SIP is performed for each site that is added to NTENT’s publisher network to allow brands to advertise with more confidence and provide publishers with benchmarks to ensure the quality of inventory.

NTENT’s Commitment to Advertisers:

Through SIP, NTENT ensures that impressions and clicks are of the highest quality and that advertisers can rest assured that their brands will be safe on our network.

This, in turn, has several components:

· Publishing partners are carefully selected based on an initial assessment conducted by our team to ensure they meet partner standards.

· The quality of clicks is monitored on an ongoing basis through a number of heuristics that are commonly accepted in the industry.

· Publisher relationships are terminated when it is believed that the audience, and the quality of the clicks, is below NTENT’s target quality level.

· NTENT works with 3rd party software vertical companies like Adometry, a leader in the industry, to verify the quality of every single click.

· If a click is below NTENT’s expected quality threshold, it is discarded and no charge is passed onto the advertisers.

· Through NTENT’s semantic technology products are aligned with the selected verticals to achieve optimal relevancy matching.

· Adverts are not displayed on questionable articles (e.g. explicit and offensive language, hate speech, adult content, guns/drugs/bombs, tobacco, alcohol and spyware/malware).

NTENT’s Commitment to Publishers:

NTENT prides itself on delivering quality advertisers that deliver solid revenue streams, as well as preserve publisher’s brand safety.

This in turn has several components:

- Advertisers are carefully selected for placement on our network, making sure they don’t carry questionable or malicious content.

- Every advert is reviewed by a human and analyzed by our semantic engine before it is added to our ad inventory.

- The quality of clicks is monitored through various industry-standard heuristics. If suspicious clicks are detected, they are discarded. The charge is voided to the advertiser.

- This preserves the perceived quality of the publisher to the eyes of the advertiser.

- Publishers have options to exclude specific product categories (e.g. tobacco, weapons, alcohol) if those are undesirable to the publisher’s target audience.