Personalized, localized recommendations.

Join the Mobile/Multi-Screen Messaging Monetization movement. With NTENT, you'll access superior intelligence and predictive technology that matches relevant content and promotional offerings to users based on an intimate understanding of users' wants and explicit and implicit needs.

Real-Time Semantic Analysis

NTENT's engine uses semantics to extract the meaning of conversations. How do we do it? Our ability to understand information is remarkably similar to how humans process the meaning of words in real-time.


Relevant Recommendations

We match conversations to data points on the web in order to deliver relevant content and brand messages that are not only hyper-personalized (and localized!), but that hit points of interest and people's passions.


Monetize Messaging

Get a truly native advertising experience with built-in ad revenue models and data monetization opportunities.


Seamless Integration

It doesn't matter if you're using iOS, Android or something else – we're platform agnostic! Our solution can easily be integrated via a simple API or native SDK. We'll work with you to get the job done and then you can sit back and relax as users engage.


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