Put your video to work.

Publishers need impactful video solutions in order to compete in today’s changing marketplace. NTENT enhances video experiences by delivering real-time, relevant results to increase your revenue.


Syndicate Your Content with Us. Why?

World-class distribution: We deliver an audience of over 14 million unique users at scale to our partners’ video content through NTENT’s content discovery platform and our world-class distribution network.

Designated Video Channel: Promote your videos with us and we’ll feature your videos on UVidi’s category homepages. In short, we’ll work with you to create an exclusive video experience that showcases your content.

Custom Approach: We’ll work with you to tailor a video strategy that meets your unique video goals. Get your great videos discovered today!


Are You a Brand? Reach a Scalable Audience!

Premium Content, Scalable Audience: Get access to premium video content and over 14 million highly engaged unique users that watch over 6 hours of videos.

Brand Engagement: Promote sponsored content on distribution networks that drive users back to interact with your brand and content on UVidi.

Flexible Sponsorships: Branding opportunities are completely customizable and can range from pre-roll video ads to full channel sponsorships! Let us create the perfect package for you!


Video Recommendation Engine

Transform your video business with our video recommendation engine. A simple piece of JavaScript integrates seamlessly into your site to provide a whole new selection of video suggestions based on a user’s interests and the content they are actively engaged with.


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