Powering content discovery.

NTENT's platform and solutions are powered by our proprietary semantic technology that understands the content of the web more like the human brain. This allows us to interpret what users “mean” and gives them back exactly what they “want”, faster, often surfacing content before they knew they needed it!

Predictive, semantic technology.

We use the science of semantics to scan, index and analyze billions of web pages; then we apply our semantic intelligence consisting of a large knowledge base of millions of expressions and concepts. In doing so, we are able to decipher the meaning of content and discover relationships between structured and unstructured content in real-time. This creates a “context” that we use to deliver personalized, intent-driven content.

Our goal is to build more intuitive search experiences that connect end users to useful articles, videos, photos, ads, products, services and answers - no matter where they are. NTENT’s platforms powers everything we do: cross channel semantic advertising, video recommendations, search results and relevant, location based content suggestions.

Down one

Semantic intelligence.

We have a long history rooted in semantic search technologies, as such we consider ourselves to be "semantic technology pioneers". Our foundation dates back to December 2000 when Convera was formed out of a merger between Intel and Excalibur Technologies. Convera provided technology to the Western Intelligence Communities capable of pattern matching search and optical character recognition (OCR); this technology is still used today by the Microsoft Corporation. In 2010, NTENT™ was born out a merger between Convera Corporation and Firstlight ERA.

Today, we use our semantic foundation to make content discovery easier. Publishers use our semantic platform to create customized search and content discovery experiences online, on mobile and in video. While advertisers utilize us to surface their content and advertisements on relevant places across NTENT’s partner publisher pages and video galleries.